Allegations and Gossip

The allegations and gossip that spread in the social chats can sometimes have little basis in fact.
A recent call I got about a case, which was followed not only with further calls, but actually featured on a radio station as a call in, has proved to have grown slightly beyond its roots, though there was nevertheless a basis to the truth in this one.  ....

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Three Arrested in Massive Copper Heist

On Saturday night, 11 August, at around 9:00pm at least 15 armed men allegedly entered the property of a business in Lincoln Road in Benoni South, using subterfuge, and made off with a truckload of copper.
A call was made to the CMS Guarding Manager, to inform him that there was a problem on the premises. It seemed that the guards could not be contacted, and CMS vehicles and personnel were dispatched to the scene to investigate.  ...

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   ALARMS, CCTV, MOTORS ... and more  

    Camera                       Digidoor III               Remote Control                      Gate Motor

Introducing the CMS cellRESCUE cellphone panic button network

CMS is proactively introducing mobile phone technology that enables CMS clients to get connected & stand together with CMS to reduce crime.

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   The Precinct Community News  

Precinct Community News is published by The Joint Precincts.
                                 "Telling it like it is!

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